Thursday, 16 July 2015

Health And Wellness Products - How To Make Your Own

Health and wellness products will mean very different things to different people.
Wellness can be defined as 'the pursuit of a healthy, balanced lifestyle
For the benefit of this article, wellness products are being looked at in the context 
of 'over the counter drugs, health supplements and health remedies.
While for some people, wellness products might be viewed as an aid to recovery 
from illness, for others it might be a means of further enhancing some 
aspect of their current health. The variety of and uses for such products 
are as numerous as are the the definitions of wellness products or wellness 
programs, depending of course upon who is promoting them at any given time.
Whatever your reasons for pursuing alternative care health or health and wellness 
products, a common goal is to achieve optimised health and well-being.
There are powerful media images hailing the benefits and safety of many over the 
counter drugs, supplements and health and wellness products, every where you turn 
these days. They have equally strong claims of being the one and only miracle cure 
or solution for one ailment or another. How accurate are these claims though, and 
what are the real costs to you in monetary and health risk terms?
Immediately after reading this article, go take a look and do a quick add-up of the 
total cost of all the health and wellness products you currently have in stock. I'm 
sure the figure will surprise you just as much as learning about the very real and 
harmful side effects which can be caused by some of these drugs or supplements 
that are supposed to be contributing to your overall state of wellness.
You may also be surprised to know that many of the 'over the counter drugs you 
buy on a regular basis, simply treat the symptoms and not the real health issue. 
Needless to say, this approach of focusing on the symptom, side-steps 
the crucial requirement of getting to the root cause of your condition or whatever 
it is that ails you.
You're most likely to pursue a wellness product either because you are becoming 
wary of the adverse effects of chemically produced drugs or because you're keen to 
recover from ill-health and improve a specific health condition. In some instances it 
might be that you just want to optimise your current state of good health.
While some health and wellness products can be an effective measure toward 
improving your health, you should note that long-term use of certain over the counter 
drugs and some supplements can cause you more harm than good, with the long- 
term implications far outweighing any short-term benefits. You may well find that 
you are paying far too high a price on the basis of a mere quick fix promise.
For thousands of years, people in lands far and wide have used natural homemade 
remedies to manage their health conditions and wellness needs, without manufactured 
health and wellness products, that can be detrimental to health. They have purely relied 
upon attaining or maintaining health by plants or by other natural means. 
It could be argued that with the emergence of chemical and pharmacological methods, 
many forms of this natural means to health and wellness have declined. In fact, even 
by today's standards, there are many so-called under-developed countries where 
inhabitants' rely on nothing more than homemade health and wellness products, 
gained via natural methods of plants or plant-based extracts.
While conventional medicine relies on scientifically backed research to substantiate 
effectiveness and safety. In contrast, similar cannot be said about some alternative 
medicines or health and wellness products. There is no such requirement but their 
promotion as regard effectiveness are deemed sufficient in themselves as support 
for therapeutic or wellness claims.
Herbal remedies in general are harmless, however, certain claims being made by 
some health and wellness products promoters, (under the banner of being 
'natural')) can insinuate their health and fitness products being the 
exclusive answer to your health condition or wellness questions, thus putting you 
at great risk. Secondly, how open are they being about what's really inside? You 
should always consult your physician over any health concerns, as well as discussing 
with him/her your intention or choice of alternative means for treatment with any 
health and wellness product or remedy.
Multi-billion-dollar industries have long weald their power by way of 
lobbying to gain exemption from FDA regulation. This has been exactly the 
case, according to the Skeptical Inquirer, who, on commenting on 
the 'dietary supplement industry back in 1994, states - "Since then, these 
products have flooded the market, subject only to the scruples of their 
The above point is an important one to note in that, while health and wellness 
products manufacturers may list ingredients and quantities being used in 
specific health and wellness products, there has been no real pressure on them to 
do so, or to do so accurately. Furthermore, neither has there been any 
watchdog body to ensure they are penalised for this failing.
So, what are the alternatives open to you? Increasingly, more and more people 
are turning to do-it-yourself health and wellness homemade herbal remedies. 
The distinct difference being that in making your own health and wellness products, 
you are in the driving seat. Not only do you have a full awareness of exactly 
what the ingredients are and the true quantities, but with the appropriate level of 
guidance from a reputable practitioner, you're more conversant with any health 
implications, if any.
With the right know-how, you too can draw on the old-fashioned yet effective 
sources to greatly improve your health. For instance, using naturally prepared 
herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, essential oils and flower 
essences to create real healing solutions that deal with particular health 
conditions rather than just the symptoms.
It is in the interest of a health and wellness product manufacturers to promote their 
products as being the only option open to you. They don't want you to know about 
the abundant natural resources and health-giving potent attributes of herbs and home 
remedies which have been used effectively for thousands of years. You see, these 
remedies cannot be patented because you can make them yourself and at a 
fraction of the cost.
Whether your goal is to overcome illness, drugs intolerance, allergies or just to 
optimise your already good health, with a little know-how, you can start making 
your own health and wellness products and remedies, using nothing more than the 
readily available natural resources in your home and garden. Not only will you 
save your hard earned cash, you also alleviate the risk of serious or harmful 
additives and side effects.